Olena Tkalich, M.A.

A journalist and sociologist from Ukraine.The topics of research and publications are female employment, labor migration, motherhood in modern conditions, and care infrastructure. 2004-2010, Open International University of Human Development "Ukraina", Specialist (MA) Degree, Department of Journalism. 2020-2022, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy, MA. 

Mail: olena.tkalich@univie.ac.at



Yelyzaveta Zolotarova

I am Liza Zolotarova, an M.A. student of CEU Nationalism Studies Program with a background in International Relations and Turkish Studies. Primarily, my research interests include processes of memory creation and sustenance in post-war societies, and socio-political discourses in Turkish, Azerbaijani, and Crimean Tatar literature and music. B.A. International Relations - Hacettepe University (Ankara): M.A. Turkish Language and Literature - Taurida National University (Kyiv); M.A. Nationalism Studies - Central European University (Vienna).

Mail: yelyzaveta.zolotarova@univie.ac.at



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